I have finally started my adult job. *sigh* But I least I enjoy it haha. I also moved into a new apartment recently. I’m excited for all the different ways I can decorate it. I have already started with a new couch and adding some Aztec patterns here and there.  I have recently fallen in love with the natural grain wood texture. So that …

Charleston Weekend

It is always the perfect time to go to Charleston. My favorite activity to do in this city is just cruise the streets with my boyfriend and just enjoy the beauty. Around every corner is something new to look at and take in.

Recently I have found myself buying more simple clothing and it seems much easier to throw something together in the morning when i’m running late for work! I purchased both of these items for pretty cheap from H&M and i’m glad I did. This top goes almost with anything! And it feels amazing on!

Clear and Blue

In this post i’ve tired out a foundation called tarte. I have tired out many foundations through-out the years, since my face is sensitive to everything I put on it. I was amazed by the full coverage and look of this foundation. It is a must try and as a plus it is all natural.