Life update – We are building!


I’ve posted a bit about it on Instagram stories, but I have yet to officially share it on my blog. Colin and I are building! I am writing this as we head out to look for furniture and decided it was a good time to share our update. We are less than two months from completing the build and we are getting more and more excited each week!

Colin and I started our search in February for a house.  We were tired of renting when our money could be going to a house. First, we had to decide what city we wanted to live in. At the time, I was working in Charlotte as a contractor and knew my job would be ending soon and Colin works from home. There couldn’t have been a better time to move to a new city. We love the east coast, so we knew it wouldn’t be far and the only other city we had an interest in at the time was Charleston. Colin grew up in Charleston and cannot wait to move back. So, we looked in both Charlotte and Charleston for houses.

Every house we went to look at in Charlotte was listed under contract the same day and we were never in love with the places we saw to put in an offer. In Charleston, all the house we could financially afford were way out of the downtown area and Colin is pretty much against living anywhere 20 minutes outside of downtown. We could have bought a condo, but we don’t want to share any walls with our neighbors. I am seriously an old person when it comes to sleep, any noise will keep me up and annoyed. So, if we are buying our own place we want to have our own space. We thought about buying a fixer upper in both cities, but we just do not want the responsibility yet. In the end, we decided to buy in Charlotte, where we’ve made some amazing friends and love the location. We do hope to make it down to the Charleston in the future.

Once we decided on a city we decided to build! We are going through a builder which has some restrictions. Colin and I plan to make a lot of changes once we move in. You might think it is odd, but if you go through a builder everything outside their selections are $$$. So, we are going to out source once we move to save some $$$, but still get everything we want!

Please get ready for a lot of home decor spam, because I am super excited to share it all with you!

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