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We’ve been in our new place almost a year and our lease is coming to an end. I never officially shared a tour of our place yet, so I thought now was a perfect time to do so on the blog. We decided to move from an apartment to a townhouse for more freedom in the renting world. What really appealed to us here is the open layout! Once you walk through the front door you can see the back door, that’s how open it is. So, we are really hoping our next place will be just as open!

The Living Room

Our living room was a tough one to layout. It took us months to finally decide on a layout we both loved. When we first moved in our layout was a complete reflection, with the TV beside the stairs, but we hated that we had to walk in front of the tv to get to the kitchen. The next month we moved the TV the wall but left the couch to the right of it. Finally, after getting some new furniture and selling our old couch for the same price we bought it for 🙂 (lucky, I know) we settled on a layout we both love and space we enjoy spending time in.


Can you tell I love natural colors 🙂



I’m very surprised at how well this rug has held up the past year. The most tragic accidents include a whole cup of V8 and a new puppy, but it’s still holding strong!

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Coffee table, curtains, and standing lamp from Ikea. Rug from Rugs USA (we have the 8×11 size).

The Dining Room

The dining room is one of my favorite spaces, but the least used. This table was actually our first big purchase as a couple. We find most of our furniture from outlets or online, but we actually bought this full price which made me pretty proud at the time. We decided to go with this style table because it comes with a leaf we can add to sit 8 comfortably.



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The Master Bed

We never really finished our bedroom. We changed up this room a lot and still aren’t too satisfied with how it turned out. It’s been painted twice now, because we couldn’t decide on a color and I still find it too dark for my liking.



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  • Taylor

    Love your style! It’s so hard when you finally get your home the way you like/want it and then the lease is up and you have to move. I go through phases where one place I’ll decorate and paint and then the hassle of leaving in a year causes me to do nothing to the next place I live haha!

    • Ashton

      Thanks so much! I know, it took us forever to paint this place because we just didn’t want to deal with it when we move out. We are hoping our next place will be a house so we won’t mind all the painting 🙂