Hello, 2018!

Wow, this year went by fast! Going through and creating this post, I kept asking myself, “That was this year?”. It’s crazy how long ago some memories seem. This year I was able to travel to Mexico, Iceland and a few long weekend trips to Florida and New York. My boyfriend and I was able to buy our first home together, and I started a new job that combined two of my favorite things.  

I have personally never created resolutions for myself in the new year. However, this coming year there are a few things I hope to change. I’ve listed out my top 4 below.

  • Take better care of my skin. I’ve started abusing my skin since moving and haven’t been taking care of it as much as I use to. I’ve seen a negative change in my skin health and winter does not help! So, this year I will not skip the needed care before bed.
  • Stop hitting the snooze button. I’ve gotten into a bad habit of hitting the snooze button in the past few months. I want to kick this in the butt and start getting up on time. I got off to a great start this morning and had time to enjoy my coffee and write this post before starting work.
  • Post more content. While creating this post I realized how much I shared on instagram and not on my blog. I also want to try out different posts than my usual update and outfit post. 
  • Travel more. This will always be on my list each year. I try to visit at least 2 new countries a year (I really wish I could do more).  I already have 2018 booked and it includes my goal of two new countries, but I hope to take more weekend trips this year.
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