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Life update – We are building!


I’ve posted a bit about it on Instagram¬†stories, but I have yet to officially share it on my blog. Colin and I are building! I am writing this as we head out to look for furniture and decided it was a good time to share our update. We are less than two months from completing the build and we are getting more and more excited …

The Pearl Skirt


  I was going through some of my old photos and realized there are a lot of outfits I have yet to post on here, and there are so many I want to share! This skirt was one of my favorite¬†items from last month. I love the pearl details this jean skirt has and it goes with just about anything. It makes a plain black …

Last Minute Fourth of July Ideas

fourth of July

    Still don’t have anything picked out to wear for 4th of July? Why not wear what you already have in your closet?! Fourth of July has to be one of the easiest holidays (besides St Patrick’s day) to dress for. You only have 3 colors to choose from and they all work well together. It’s pretty hard to mess up. It’s also one …